Nature as an inspiration

“I am inspired by dualities in nature, like corall,
virus and mathematical occurances in nature
like the Fibonacci series and the Golden Section.

I am constantly trying to explore the limits of my
 materials, but using traditional techniques.

I work with series of sculptures in porcelaine clay,
working inspired from different themes but their
commonality is always nature, science and
mathematics. My sculptures are the result of an
ongoing research of form and the complicated nature
of the ceramic process. In recent work focus has been
on the Golden Section and my fascination for the
Fibonacci Series reaccurance in nature. Behind what
seems to be a chaotic universe, everything is created
through a secret code. What is harmony and why are
some forms more appealing than others?

I work with porcelain and make my sculpures by
throwing on the wheel and then altering and
assembling many parts to make larger more
complicated pieces.”

Eva Zethraeus Is a full time ceramic artist with a
studio at Konstepidemin In Gothenburg/ Sweden. 1998 was awarded an MFA in Applied Arts and Crafts
in Ceramic Art from the College of Applied Arts and
Crafts – HDK Valand.

Eva exhibits both nationally and internationally,
her first solo show in the USA was at Hostler Burrows
Gallery in New York 2018.

Evas work is represented at, among others,
Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg.

2016 Eva was awarded a national one year work
scholarship and a regional one year work scholarship
from the Västra Götland Region.